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Magnetic Lashes #16

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Contains:

    3 Pair of Magnetic Lashes.

    1 Eyeliner.

    1 Application Tweezer.



    1) Remove all oil around the eyelid with a water based makeup cleanser.

    2) Apply the Magnetic eyeliner to Eyelids; wait to completely dry out.  

    3) Apply second coat of magnetic Eyeliner for a stronger hold; let dry completely.

    4) Use Tweezer tool to apply Magnetic Lashes on top of the Eyeliner; adjust for comfort. 

    5) Press on Eyelash Magnetic into Magnetic eyeliner to secure locking. 


    * Magnetic Eyelashes only work with our Eyeliner.


    Caution: This product may contain latex.  If irritation and/or redness occurs, Remove immediately with soap and water and contact a Physician. 

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